Sony PlayStation 3D Display hits the UK

Sony PlayStation 3D Display hits the UK
Get your 3D game on

Sony's push to bring affordable 3D gaming to the UK continues, with the Sony PlayStation 3 3D Display now available in shops.

The display, which offers active-shutter 3D at a decent cost, was meant to come at the back-end of last year so we have had to wait a while for the monitor to hit UK shores.

At least it comes to Europe in a nice neat bundle, which should satiate the needs of gamers looking to get their game on in another dimension.

In the box, you not only get the 24" 1080p, 240Hz HD screen, you also get two pairs of active shutter glasses and two games.

The games on offer are: Killzone 3 Platinum and Gran Turismo 5 Platinum.

PS3 monitor

PS3 3D monitor bundle - glasses included!

Specs-wise, the Sony PlayStation 3D Display has a 5,000: 1 contrast ration, 176-degree viewing angle, two HDMI inputs and a component input – so if you still own a PS2, or want to see your PSP on the big screen, you can connect these devices up too.

The display also comes with SimulView technology, which makes use of 3D by splitting the two feeds and offering up a different view to two players.

This means you can have two-player gaming on the same screen, without having to resort to a split-screen view.

The PS3 3D Display bundle is available now and will set you back £449. You better get there quick, though, Amazon has already sold out due to pre-order demand.

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