Rumour: US Nintendo DSi launch in April

Is the Nintendo DSi out in America on Saturday 4th April? IGN says so...
Is the Nintendo DSi out in America on Saturday 4th April? IGN says so...

While Nintendo UK remains typically tight-lipped about the UK date for the launch of its next gaming console – the matte-black (or white) refresh that is the Nintendo DSi – the rumours are flying around this week that the console should be launching sooner in the US (in April) rather than later, as some doom-mongers had previously suggested.

US prices are rumoured to be in the region of$179.99 (£124), which sounds more than reasonable to us.

Though what with the weakness of UK Sterling at the moment in relation to, well, everybody, it remains to be seen what the final, official UK pricing will be.

IGN cites unnamed Nintendo sources behind the news, which adds it some credence. Although we would of course prefer to hear it directly from the horse's mouth.

Simultaneous Euro launch?

April 4 is the date that IGN thinks the US will see the Nintendo DSi, with no mention of a simultaneous UK launch.

British Nintendo fans will no doubt be hoping and praying that us Europeans don't get to be third in the queue for the DSi, as Nintendo UK has assured us time and time again that Nintendo values Europe much higher these days than it has done (at times notoriously) in the past.

T3 reviewed the DSi late last year and, like us, they were rather taken by it. Sure, if you have a DS Lite and you are not a hardcore Nintendophile then you might not be that excited.

The DSi has already been sold out in Japan for the best part of two months now.

TechRadar has contacted Nintendo UK who told us this morning: "Absolute rumour and speculation."

Adam Hartley