Official: LoveFilm comes to the PS3

LoveFilm on PS3 - finally!
LoveFilm on PS3 - finally!

Sony has teamed up with LoveFilm to offer the movie subscription service to PS3 owners.

There have been a number of rumours that Lovefilm would be coming to the PlayStation 3 – especially when the service started appearing on connected Bravia televisions.

But both Sony and LoveFilm remained tight-lipped, which meant that PS3 users in the UK could only look on as their US counterparts got access to Netflix and all its downloadable goodness.

Movie streaming

The link-up is nothing less than a game changer, according to LoveFilm CEO Simon Calver, who said: "This is game-changing for Lovefilm and transformational for the UK home entertainment market as a whole.

"PS3 already has a very large installed customer base of all ages, all of whom will soon be able to benefit from our unique combination of instantly available content, streamed through their PS3, as well as DVD, Blu-ray and games rental by post.

"To become PS3's partner for our service is a tremendous endorsement of the value, choice and convenience offered by Lovefilm."

What will be interesting is that Sony already has its own movie download service connected to the PlayStation Network.

The Lovefilm service will be available from the XMB and if you are not already a member, then there will be some incentives to join the service – including free trials.

If you are already on a £5.99 package, then you will be able to access the service on the PS3 as soon as it goes live.

To find out more about the service, go to

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