Nintendo DSi has 256MB internal memory

While Nintendo has, unsurprisingly, already sold out of its initial allocation of 200,000 DSis to Japanese retail over the weekend, it seems that the handheld is all about 'full network connectivity' with 256 MB of internal memory and a free pre-installed Opera internet browser straight out of the box.

The first thing users are prompted to do when firing up their new DSi is to run a firmware update, just as you are prompted to do when you first connect your Wii to the internet.

Similar to Wii shopping

IGN reports that the process is pretty much the same "right down to the interface…" with users "taken to a greeting screen which will presumably be used to list promotions, notices, and latest content in the future.

"From here, you can select to go to the main shopping interface, which currently includes a single category for DSi Ware software (no Virtual Console category yet!)."

To buy games and software you will need to buy DSi Points. Again, much like the Wii Points you buy to get your weekly retro gaming fix from the Wii's Virtual Console.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed in a recent investor briefing that the DSi's internal memory is 256 megabytes, half that of Wii.

Adam Hartley