Move outsells Kinect two-to-one in Japan

Sony Move outsells Microsoft Kinect in Japan two-to-one
Sony Move outsells Microsoft Kinect in Japan two-to-one

Japanese gamers prefer home grown motion-sensing gaming kit, it would seem, with Sony's PlayStation Move currently outselling Microsoft's Kinect two-to-one in Sony's native Japan.

Sony has sold over 170,000 Move units in Japan since its launch late last year through to the end of 2010, while Microsoft has so far managed to shift around 90,000 Kinects in the country over the same period.

Sony beats Microsoft in Japan

Kinect has already sold over 10 million units worldwide since its late 2010 launch. Microsoft is soon set to release a dedicated Windows software development kit for Kinect, following a number of innovative hacks of the tech since it arrived.

For its part, Sony is set to release its own development kit for Move, called Move.Me, a software development application allowing homebrew apps to be created for the PlayStation 3 motion controller.

"Move.Me is a server application runs on the PS3," John McCutchan, a senior engineer at SCEA, noted on the PlayStation Blog at the launch last month. "It sends the complete state of the PlayStation Move and navigation controllers to the PC, giving you the exact same data that licensed developers typically have access to.

"We see Move.Me as an opportunity to satisfy the need for new, innovative interactive technology in fields like academia, healthcare, and more, as well as to support new developers and inspire applications that we could never have imagined."

Via PlayStation Blog and Andriasang

Adam Hartley