Molyneux: Gamers say no to more Wii Sports

Enough with the casual games, already, Nintendo - Peter Molyneux says gamers are tiring of Wii Sports and the like
Enough with the casual games, already, Nintendo - Peter Molyneux says gamers are tiring of Wii Sports and the like

Lionhead boss and feted games designer, Peter Molyneux claims that core gamers and Nintendo fans need more 'proper games' to keep them happy.

In a recent interview with, Molyneux also noted that his driving ambition with Fable 2 on Xbox 360 (finally out this coming Friday) was to "create an RPG that anybody could play… the story behind


is about you becoming a hero… and becoming whatever hero you want to be, because this is what computer games can do for you these days."

Act casual

When asked if he found the distinction between hardcore and casual gamers a useful one, Molyneux noted that "one of the passions we had with Fable 2 was to not make it a distinction."

"If you look at the market, there are a vast number of games made for 'casual' gamers. More than ever before. Also, an enormous number of games...tens of millions of dollars... are spent on making games for core gamers. Yet there are very few games where they really come together.

"Now I would say that Zelda was one of those rare games. I could give it to my wife and she could stumble through it... (and Ocarina Of Time was actually really tough in places!) but that is pretty rare. It is rare to think that she could play a hardcore gamers game and enjoy it as much as the hardcore gamer.

Of course, it goes without saying that we all adore Zelda, and we cannot wait to hear Nintendo's top brass, Mr Miyamoto and Mr Iwata, finally announce the follow-up to Twilight Princess, the last (sublime) outing in the series.

Hopefully at some point before E3 2012.

Side-swipe at Nintendo

But (Microsoft developer) Molyneux has a more important point to make (while taking a cheeky sideswipe at Nintendo in the process) adding:

"If we don't start bringing these two together [core and casual games] then eventually someone is going to suffer - either the casual gamers or the core gamers. Most likely the core gamers. If you say to those guys: 'Hey, the next exciting thing you are going to play is Wii Sports,' then they are gonna say, 'err, no thank you....'"

Finally, Peter adds that his dream as a games designer is very simple.

"I want to make. You. Feel. F***ing. Cool."

Adam Hartley