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Is Microsoft looking to buy the maker of Minecraft?

Microsoft wants the keys to the Minecraft kingdom

In non-Apple related news, it appears Amazon isn't the only big name buying up smaller companies.

Rumors are swirling that Microsoft is close to sealing the deal on buying up Mojang AB, the indie studio that created Minecraft.

Wall Street Journal reports Microsoft could shell out close to $2 billion as soon as this week.

Seems sketchy

Small companies are being bought left and right but Mojang under Microsoft rule? It sounds unlikely, especially since Mojang made $100 million last year from Minecraft alone. But it's still a possibility.

After Facebook bought Oculus - coincidentally also for $2b - Minecraft creator Markus Persson completely scrapped bringing Minecraft to the Oculus Rift, all because of the acquisition.

Though from his tweet stating, "Facebook creeps me out," it may have been his dislike for the social media giant rather than an aversion for doing business with big companies that led to the decision.

Minecraft is also widely available on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 so it seems like the companies already have an amicable partnership.