Sony PSP2 'to come with 3G connection'

The OLED screens could be as thin as the ones in T3's mock-ups
The OLED screens could be as thin as the ones in T3's mock-ups
  • Update: See the latest details on the Sony NGP

The latest PSP2 rumour suggests that the gaming handheld will come with 3G data connectivity.

The data connection will mean that multiplayer games can be played from afar, as well as giving the PSP2 the potential to download videos, films and games wirelessly.

The PSP2, which will launch officially on 27 January, is also said to be toting Wi-Fi for when you're at home.

Crispy OLED

That's not all – the display is said to be an OLED touchscreen affair, which will mean crisp, delicious graphics and games which can be played without the keypads.

But if the PSP2 is set to offer 3G, then why bother with a separate PSP phone (to be revealed at Mobile World Congress)?

The main difference based on these rumours is that the PSP2 won't actually make calls, but the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone will also be running Google's Android OS which will give it greater app-based functionality.

There are just three days left to wait for official details of the PSP2; if even half the many rumours are true, the PSP2 is set to give the Nintendo 3DS a real run for its money.

Via Engadget and OLED-Display

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