Retailers' refusal to obey Nintendo's prices continues as 2DS drops to £99

Retailers' refusal to obey Nintendo's prices continues as 2DS drops to £99
2DS drops under a hundo

The Nintendo 2DS was pitched as a budget-friendly alternative to the 3DS console, but it wasn't budget enough according to some British retailers who've already slashed the price.

Less than two weeks after going on sale earlier this month, the flattened-out, hinge-less, 3D-less console has been dropped from £109.99 to £99 at Amazon, Tesco Direct and in store at Sainsbury's.

Better still, Argos is offering the 2DS console for £99 along with two original DS games; Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed and Lego Lord of the Rings.

All in all its a pretty decent bargain for handheld gamers who want no part of auto-stereoscopic 3D, but still want the opportunity to grab the latest handheld offerings from Nintendo.


The lack of 3D aside, the 2DS isn't quite as jazzy as the Nintendo 3DS. Instead of boasting two individual touchscreens, it has a single display panel separated by a plastic strip.

However, the lack of a hinge makes the console more durable for younger gamers and doesn't carry the health concerns relating to the effects of the 3D screen on still-developing eyes.

Todays price trimming come following a slew of unofficial Wii U price cuts from retailers desperate to shift excess stock, which only served to undermine Nintendo's valuation of its next-gen console.

Given recent history, we certainly wouldn't rule out another 2DS price cut in the run up to Christmas, so keep your ears peeled.

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