Grab the new 1TB Xbox One for £250

Xbox One
Get a bargain-priced 1TB Xbox One

GAME has announced a limited time offer to bag yourself a new 1TB Xbox One for just £250.

First it was a leak on Amazon, then Microsoft confirmed it was coming and now you can get yourself one for a bargain price. With a new controller to boot.

To get yourself this bargain-priced, high-capacity console you've got to go down the trade-in route. So if you've been holding on to that last-gen console waiting for the games to turn up and the prices to drop now is the time.

You'll need either an Xbox 360 or PS3 in full working order, with a minimum 250GB capacity, as well as five different games. That will then net you an Xbox One with a 1TB drive, with Ori and the Blind Forest, plus either The Elder Scrolls Online or LEGO Jurassic World.

So yeah, the prices have dropped then, now we're just waiting on the games to arrive.

But with E3 2015 just around the corner we're desperately hoping for some jaw-dropping titles to really push both the Xbox One and PS4 hardware.

GAME's special offer will run out on the 22nd June, so if you want to get your console upgrade you're going to have to move pretty quickly.