First look at next-gen game Batman: Arkham Knight

A beginning in the end?

Arkham Knight

Just who is this guy?!

You can look forward to lots of driving, that's for sure; there are even special race courses set up by the Riddler for you to find and beat. New methods of fighting will also be introduced so hurling punches will be loads more fun - and afterwards, you can seamlessly transition into a cutscene with Commissioner Gordon or Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Oracle after gliding in from some dark Gotham building.

Lastly, to keep your batarangs sharp, Rocksteady created a mysterious new character with the help of DC Comics. You'll have to sleuth out who this shady fellow is for yourself when the game is released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year. The only clue we have so far? The "Arkham Knight" in the game's title isn't referring to the Batman we know and love, but is attributed to this unfamiliar villain.

Check out the following for more images of Batman: Arkham Knight, and be prepared to squeal with excitement.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight