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FIFA 16 is just $27 for both PS4 and Xbox One at Wal-Mart for Black Friday

FIFA 16 deal

If a "pitch" means something to you that does not involve a mound, a batter and a catcher – and you somehow have yet to pick up FIFA 16 – then this deal will be right up your alley.

As of this writing, you can grab the Xbox One version of the seminal soccer – err, football – game for just $27 on Wal-Mart.

Naturally, PS4 fanatics can pick up the game for the same, cool $27 on Wal-Mart.

FIFA 16 is sure to be a hit for the soccer fans in your life of all ages – and genders! That's right, this year marks the first FIFA game ever to feature women's soccer.

Taking the women's game seriously

And no, it's not just an add-on. It's been reported that developer and publisher EA dedicated extensive resources to the inclusion, fine tuning the physics of play for the sake of authenticity. It's about time.

EA says that it has been wanting a long time to be able to do this, and the developer's underlying systems were finally sophisticated enough to support the feature in 2015.

Knowing that, this might be the best time to get into the FIFA craze yet – and for more than half off, at that.