Black Friday Xbox controller deals 2022: the best discounts still available now

Black Friday Xbox controller deals 2022
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Black Friday Xbox controller deals may have now officially passed but there are still a few discounts to keep on your radar if you're after a gamepad for less. For something a little more recent, there are also the Cyber Monday Xbox controller deals to browse through, too, now the time has come and gone. 

What we saw over the Black Friday Xbox controller deals, and the winter sales event as a whole were substantial savings on the Xbox Wireless Controller in many different colorways and even savings on the usually ultra-pricey Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. That's to say nothing of third-party options, such as the Razer Wolverine line, too. Some of these offers still remain, so they're worth looking for if you haven't been able to get yourself another remote yet. 

If you're still in the market for a new console then you may find some fortune with with remaining Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals and Cyber Monday PS5 deals. It should be said that there were console deals worth taking advantage of, though any that remain now aren't going to hang around forever. 

Black Friday Xbox controller deals still available in the US


Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2: Was $180 now $153.99 at Amazon
While this isn't the lowest we've seen this controller it seems as if the price won't get lower than this for the foreseeable future. So if you've been looking for this fantastic Xbox accessory this is the time to buy it.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S: Was

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S: Was $37.99 now $25.99 at Amazon
Save 32% -
PowerA's wired Xbox Series X|S controller is excellent, and if you're after a spare pad on a budget, it's a fantastic choice so long as you don't mind the lack of a wireless option. Better still, that wired connection means less input latency for online multiplayer games, so it's a solid choice as your new primary controller.


Turtle Beach Recon Wired Controller: Was $59.95 now $39.99 at GameStop
Save $19.96 - This is the lowest price we've seen yet for the Turtle Beach gamepad. If you're a fan of wired controllers, then be sure to check this deal out before the stocks are gone.

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller: was

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller: was $90 now $59.99 at Amazon
Save $30; lowest-ever price
- Go big or go home? Well, the Hyperkin Duke is certainly big enough for most. This remake of the famous OG Xbox gamepad is available right now at the lowest-ever price we've seen.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One: Was

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One: Was $89.99 now $69.99 at Amazon
Save $20 - This is a great flight simulator controller with a detachable base and a fantastic build. It's the lowest price we've seen this drop to so be sure to make the most of this discount. 

Black Friday Xbox controller deals still available in the UK

Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller: Was

Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller: Was £159.99 now £142 at Amazon
Save 11% -
Looking for the best Xbox Series X pad on the market? The Elite Series 2 may be expensive, but extra features like textured grips, back paddles and swappable modules make it an excellent choice for seasoned gamers.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller | Was

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller | Was £34.99 now £29.99 at Amazon
Although this budget gamepad has been around a few pounds cheaper in the past, this is still a great rate on a controller that won't break the bank. What's more, it's available in many different colorways (though rates may vary)


PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S: Was £34.99 now £29.99 at Amazon
This is one of the lowest priced we've seen this wired controller drop so far. If you like the convenience of wired controllers then this cotton candy blue gamepad is for you.


Turtle Beach Recon Wired Controller: Was £49.99 now £34.99 at Amazon
Save £15 - This is a really great price for the Turtle Beach Controller, the lowest we've seen yet. This deal is worth checking out as long as wires don't bother you too much.


Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One Flight Stick: Was £99.99 now £59.99 at Amazon
Save 40% - This flight simulator controller has a great build and a detachable base. It was affordable as flight controllers go but it just got cheaper. 

Where were the best Black Friday Xbox Controller deals?

We saw the best Black Friday Xbox controller deals largely available at Amazon in the US. Things were much more balanced over in the UK, as the savings stretched from Box and Currys to Amazon as well. If this is any indication of what to watch for with the Cyber Monday deals then these are the retailers to keep in mind. 


Amazon: cheaper pads and gaming device
Microsoft: the home of official Xbox controllers
Best Buy: Xbox gamepads in a range of colors and decent discounts
Walmart: groceries and Xbox controllers side by side
GameStop: Xbox Series and Xbox One controllers at decent prices
Target: official Xbox gamepads on sale now


Amazon: great selection of pads
John Lewis: cheap 2-year protection plan
Argos: many great third-party and official option
Currys: Excellent selection of official colors
Very: Elite Series 2 from £142.99

When did the Black Friday Xbox controller deals start in 2022?

The Black Friday Xbox controller deals were technically slated for November 25. But that's not the full story. We actually saw offers rolling in as early as Monday and Tuesday, especially if you were in the market for the standard Wireless controller in various colorways. The Friday itself was largely an extension of the savings we already had, so you weren't necessarily saving money by holding out this year. 

How can I get the best Xbox Controller deals?

cheap Xbox controller deals sales

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Xbox controllers with hefty price cuts actually appear fairly often, as is true across a lot of gaming hardware. With some guidance, this makes deals relatively easy to spot across all the major deal periods like Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day

That said, you can use our resources by looking at the best deals on products as they happen. Check-in early, make sure you do your research (via our excellent reviews and buyer guides), and get your shopping list ready ahead of time. Finally, have a backup color or controller just in case the one you want doesn't get a huge discount.

Now might be the best time to buy any you might need in the future too. Prices for consoles seem to be moving in the opposite direction we might expect, as recently the PS5 has gotten a price hike. Thus far, Xbox said it wouldn’t hike console prices, but Phil Spencer also hasn’t outright ruled it out either. You’ll want to be sitting pretty just in case hardware does see an increase. 

3 best Xbox Controllers

Black Friday Xbox controller deals

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1. Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller

The best console controller

Incredibly comfortable
Hair triggers
Interchangeable sticks
Four extra buttons
Paddles aren't macro buttons
Accessories app isn't user-friendly
Not rechargeable

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is simply one of the most extraordinary controllers to hit any Microsoft console since the original switch from the Duke controller to the S Controller back on the original Xbox. It's smarter, sleeker, and more versatile than the standard gamepad, and despite the pro moniker, will appeal to gamers of all skill levels.

Now, with that said, no matter how great the Elite is, if you think $149.99 / £119 / AU$199.95 is too much for a controller, it won't change your mind. If the decision comes down to buying this or three new titles around the holidays, you should probably go for the extra games. But if you have the financial wherewithal to back purchases like these without losing sleep over it, the Elite Wireless Controller will help you find a newfound love for controllers and the science behind them.

Read our full review: Xbox Elite Wireless Controller review

Black Friday Xbox controller deal

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2. Xbox Wireless Controller

Best value Microsoft controller

Premium feel
Works on a range of devices
Improved textures and geometry
Impulse trigger feel great
Share button can be awkward
Not rechargeable without add-on

The Xbox Wireless Controller has seen some improvements over the years, but it's most recent is the best yet. The Xbox Series X|S gamepad offers a more premium feel without the price tag, with improved tactile textures and refined geometry resulting in a more accessible and comfortable gaming experience. However, we wish the controller was capable of recharging without having to purchase an extra add-on.
Read our full review: Xbox Wireless Controller (2020) review

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

(Image credit: Turtle Beach )

3. Turtle Beach Recon Xbox controller

Best third-party Xbox controller

Good build quality
Advanced audio features
Excellent ergonomics
Extra keys
Aesthetic needs improvement
Slightly hard triggers to operate

The Turtle Beach Recon controller is a valid alternative to the original Xbox and has several additional functions that, overall, are well made and effective.

The high control over the audio and chat parameters, the macro function, and the dedicated game interface make Recon an ideal ally for competitive players who are not satisfied with basic functions and want something more from the controller.

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