Diablo III celebrates its third birthday in a very Diablo way

Diablo III cows

To celebrate the third birthday of Diablo III, game developer Blizzard is unleashing the "cowpocalypse," an invasion the likes of which have never been seen (unless, of course, you found that secret level on Diablo II.)

That's right, from dusk today until dawn on May 21, Sanctuary is being taken over by cows. But don't fear, Blizzard's announcement on Battle.net tells us these cows are.. ahem, "udderly" harmless.

The post begins with a feigned denial of the bovine invasion and its danger: "Many of you have expressed fear. Some have asked if you should moov your families. To this we say: Hold fast. There is no cause for alarm."

"There are no homicidal heifers," the hilariously goofy post continues. "There is no invasion. And, more specifically, there is no cow level. Anyone who claims otherwise is full of bull and simply milking this terrible prank for all that it's worth."

Longtime fans of the Diablo series are sure to enjoy the homage, while keeping one eye out for hard-to-spot Cow King. Gamers who joined the series in its third installment can simply enjoy sidestepping cow patties in the Sanctuary.

Blizzard ends its post with one final word of advice to those who believe in the cowspiracy theories, "We urge you all to stay calm and remember that cows don't kill people. Everything ELSE in Sanctuary kills people."

Via Polygon

Lead image credit: Battle.net