Xbox One controller and headset priced, prove friends are expensive

Xbox One controller and headset get priced up
Dolla for controlla

The Xbox One has had its wireless controller and headset priced in the US, but those of you hoping to max out on peripherals better have deep pockets.

The controller is priced at $59.99 (which works out as about £39 and AU$65) and the Chat Headset can be bought for $24.99 (about £16 / AU$27) however it probably won't convert directly, so expect those numbers to look a bit different if you're non-US.

But if that US price for the Xbox One controller still looks a bit steep that's because it's priced at $10 (about £6.50 / AU$11) more than the Xbox 360 controller - and we expect that price hike to be seen in other territories outside the US too.

One love

Microsoft is also offering a 'Play and Charge' rechargeable battery kit for $74.99 (about £49 / AU$81) for those who have moved on from the dark ages of AAs.

None of these have been priced on the UK site yet but we've contacted Microsoft to see when the specific UK prices might appear, and we'll update as soon as we know.

The Xbox One is currently priced at $499 / £425 / AU$599 while the PS4 arrives a fair bit cheaper at $399 / £349 / AU$549, although you'll need to shell out more for the PS4 Eye as it won't be bundled with the console.


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