Today, Sony is selling its grey 20th Anniversary PS4s for £19.94

Grey has never been this exciting

We've had a good drool over Sony's 20th anniversary PS4, which strips off its black/white coat for a lick of nostalgic 1994 grey, but there's more salivating news ahead: a number of these consoles are going on sale for less than £20.

On December 10 (that's today) Sony will be flogging 94 of its special PlayStation 4 consoles for a princely £19.94. But here's the rather significant catch: you have to go to Sony's PlayStation '94 Shop, situated on Bethnal Green in London, to get one.

Plus, you'll need to bring along one piece of PlayStation memorabilia to prove you're a real fan, and not an ex-N64 kid just looking for some eBay swag. And there's a secret password when you get to the door.

You want to know what it is? Ok, but don't tell anyone. It's "I crashed my Bandicoot".

Time for the bad news

Now there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that if you're reading this at home you're too late to bag one of the crazy-cheap consoles. The doors don't open until 11am, but Sony has confirmed that the queue is full.

But that's not the only thing Sony's pop-up store is selling. To celebrate 20 years it's also offering a tonne of PlayStation merch to play with.

And if you don't manage to bag yourself one of the cut-price PS4s, Sony will be selling 50 more Anniversary PS4s at full price on December 11 and 12. However Sony is now allocating wristbands to people in the queue for these consoles, so you might want to get down there fast.

But if you can't make it down at all, Sony's opening online orders for the console on December 15, though in a limited quantity.

Hugh Langley

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