Sony's PS4 Slim shrinks the PS4, arrives September 15

PS4 Slim

The PS4 is now the PS4 Slim, a trimmed-down version of the console that Sony is positioning below the new PS4 Pro. The electronics giant made the announcement that the Slim version would take the torch from the original at its PlayStation Meeting event in New York City today. (The PS4 Pro, in case the name doesn't sound familiar, was previously known as the PS4.5 or PS4 Neo.)

If this is all a little confusing, we know, but here's the gist: from here on in, the standard PS4 is a 'Slim' version that's about 30% smaller than the original hardware. All the internals are the same – it's the package that's shrunk.

The PS4 Slim also comes with a smaller price tag: it will cost $299/£259 when it launches on September 15.

Unlike the PS4 Pro, the Slim doesn't include 4K support, which is disappointing. The console does, however, come with a tweaked DualShock 4 controller that better makes it easier to see the lightbar. It's the little things, right?

The other piece of good news from Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House is that all PS4s will be receiving an update to make them HDR-compatible, which has us doing a little happy dance.

Sony's new game box comes after Microsoft launched its own 'slim' console in the form of the Xbox One S. The big difference between the two contenders is that the Xbox One S includes 4K streaming capabilities and Ultra-HD Blu-ray support for the same price as the PS4 Slim.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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