PlayStation gains new TV Powers to attack Xbox One

Sony gives PlayStation some TV Powers to fire back at Xbox One Halo series
Powers finally gets off the ground

Sony announced it would be making TV shows specially for the PlayStation at E3 last year, and it has now unveiled what the debut show will be.

A one-hour supernatural drama series called Powers, based on the comic book series of the same name, is reportedly in the pipeline for production by Sony Pictures TV.

Microsoft also laid out some ambitious TV plans last year, announcing a Halo TV series with Steven Spielberg serving as executive producer – and we knew it wouldn't be long before Sony retaliated.

Power to the players

Powers will revolve around a detective who investigates crimes involving people with supernatural abilities - it actually got to pilot stage previously before getting scrapped.

There's no information on when it will begin shooting or when we might actually see it, but Sony's already got a team of writers brainstorming ideas. We also hear that the show will be available to watch through the PlayStation Network.

Meanwhile, Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton told The Wall Street Journal that the show will have a budget in line with what HBO spends on its shows, which is good news.

It sounds as though Powers will be exclusive to the PlayStation Network in the US for the time being, and that Sony will be selling the rights to broadcasters internationally.

Hugh Langley

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