Skype ponders in-game video calling for Xbox 720

Skype: 'Can we enhance the gaming proposition on Xbox 720?'
Skype may play a far bigger role on the 720 than was first thought

Social sharing seems to be one of the key features on the upcoming PS4, and the Xbox 720 may get a similar service thanks to Skype.

It would make sense as Microsoft now owns Skype, which has seen the video calling service leverage a number of assets from its new parent - most notably Windows Live Messenger - so it's probably time for the software giant to enhance more of its own products on top of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

When talking about the next big steps for the firm, Derek Snyder, head of mobile marketing at Skype, told TechRadar: "If it's an Xbox we're trying to connect to - it's probably not that hard to believe we're looking at that - what does that mean for gaming?

Does video make sense?

"How does Skype enhance the gaming proposition? Of course Xbox has things with voice and messaging chat at the moment, but does video make sense for that case?"

This isn't the first time we've heard that Skype may be deeply integrated into the Xbox 720, with a couple of job postings last year hinting that Microsoft may be considering the VoIP client.

Sharing your gaming experience looks set to be the next big thing in the console wars, but we're going to have to wait until Microsoft officially unveils the Xbox 720 to see how much of a role, if any, Skype will play.

Skype is aiming high thanks to the backing of its new owner, with Snyder concluding: "With Microsoft at our back we have more opportunities to do big things, because we can stand on the backs of giants."

John McCann
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