PlayStation fights back with impressive keynote

PS3 - some glorious games on the way
PS3 - some glorious games on the way

Sony's E3 PlayStation press conference proved to be a thriller – with the Japanese giants showing off a whole host of key games and even managing to show off its motion controller as it looked to match Microsoft's impressive opening keynote of Monday.

As expected, the PSP Go was unveiled – and with the likes of Gran Turismo (finally) and Resident Evil coming to the portable and an increase in cross-platform support from the PS3, the PSP platform is beginning to look increasingly viable.

The PS3 was given major love, with Assassin's Creed 2 looking fantastic, along with Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and, not only the eagerly awaited Final Fantasy XIII, but also its successor shown off.

Motion control

But it was the arrival of a Sony motion controller prototype – which currently looks like a stick with a ball on the end –that raised the roof, adding a new level of control to the PS3.

The keynote was always expected to bring major thrills, and it didn't disappoint, raising spirits after a slightly disappointing Nintendo conference earlier.

Sony opened its keynote by showing off the extremely pretty Uncharted 2 – announcing that a multiplayer beta would open within hours in the US, and followed it up with gameplay footage from the 256 simultaneous multi-player Mag.

Feast of games

It was the first round of a veritable feast of games put on display, interspersed with more hardware focused announcements such as the PSP Go and Motion Controller.

It was a pugnacious display by Sony – who many had believed would be put in the shade by Microsoft's fantastic opening to E3.

And although many will argue that Natal had a bigger impact than the phallic motion capture stick from Sony – the latter can certainly hold its head up high, serving a host of thrills for the excited audience and definitely providing the slicker presentation of games.

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