GameStop's PS4, Xbox One wait lists are 2.3 million strong

GameStop corporate
We know what GameStop will be thankful for next week

GameStop President Tony Bartel revealed in a company earnings call that the retailer has sold through its allocation of PS4 consoles.

The retail chain's stores sold all their pre-order PS4 consoles, as well as additional consoles provided by Sony.

"Although we won't reveal the total amount of units for competitive reasons, our share was higher than on any previous console launch, and our sell-through since launch was 80% higher than the total amount of PS3s that we sold in our 2006 fiscal year," Bartel said.

More than a million customers pre-ordered the PS4, and Sony reported that over one million consoles were sold in the first 24 hours. In addition, Sony of America CEO Jack Tretton predicted previously that three million PS4s will sell by year's end.

PS4 vs Xbox One at GameStop

On the GameStop earnings call, Bartel said there are "over 2.3 million customers on the 'first to know' list, which indicates continued demand for months to come."

In a clarification to Joystiq, GameStop noted the figure counts both the PS4 and the newly released Xbox One.

As for the Xbox One, Bartel had little to say, since the console has been out less than a day.

But he did share one tidbit. "The value of our reservations and the additional allocation is 15% higher than the amount of Xbox 360s that we sold during our entire 2005 fiscal year," he said.

"So we are poised for a powerful launch."

Rough launches

The Xbox One's "powerful launch" has been marred by reports of hardware failures, just as the PS4's was last week.

Microsoft said today that it plans "to take care of" its customers, providing several methods to reach out for those having issues with their launch hardware.

Meanwhile Sony was quick to respond to issues with the PS4 that cropped up after the console's launch last week.

Sony company said that fewer than 1% of PS4 consoles were affected, and that the figure is within its expectations for a new product launch.

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