Foxtel Play hits Xbox One

Xbox One
Stream machine

Xbox One owners may have felt unloved by the Foxtel family, but that is set to change with the announcement that the Foxtel Play app will be launching on Microsoft's next-gen console.

The launch will enable Xbox One owners to stream Foxtel's live and Anytime channels without a lock-in contract or installation costs.

Prices for the service start from $25 per month for a single package, with users choosing from Entertainment, Drama, Documentaries or Kids packages. Two packages costs $35, three $45, and $50 will get you all four.

Additional Sports and Movies & Drama premium packs are available for an additional $25 per month.

Spoiled for choice

Foxtel Play is already available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac, as well as a range of Samsung and LG smart TVs and Blu-ray players.

We've observed some unreliability from the app on PlayStation 3, with the console freezing and shows dropping out. Perhaps next-gen consoles can offer a better experience.

Microsoft claims Foxtel Play will be going live on Xbox One "in the coming months."

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