Five essential PS3 add-ons

And you thought £425 for the basic PlayStation 3 console was a lot of money? We're afraid there's more. In addition to our pick of the best launch games for PS3, some of these additional PS3-related purchases are luxuries that will make your PS3 that bit more lovable; some are absolutely essential.

1) An HDMI lead

Inexplicably, after banging on about 'HD' and the 'next generation' Sony only put a composite video lead (with a SCART block) into the box. Got an HDTV? Then get yourself an HDMI cable in before they all sell out. Take your pick as to brand and price because they're all the same. In fact the most sensible option seems to be to go for Sony's own PS3 branded HDMI lead, for a reasonable £20 on Amazon UK (opens in new tab) , considering that anything else you'll look at will be in the £70-£80 bracket.

Only got one HDMI port on your telly? Consider getting a switcher like Belkin's AV24502ea . Yours for around £120.

2) A Blu-ray remote control

The need for a remote control is negated somewhat by the PS3's wireless Sixaxis pad - which works perfectly well for dialing through Blu-ray movies. That said Sony's official remote feels superbly weighty and slick, and makes you feel like you've bought more than a 'games console'. Buttons for every playback feature mean there's no more scrolling through on-screen overlays and - thanks to being Bluetooth - you don't even have to point it at your PS3.

3) A memory card adapter

How much you need this depends on how much of a PS2 (or PS1) gamer you were. Despite having three different slots for three different types of memory card, the PS3 lacks a PS2 slot. The result is that your 100-hours-plus San Andreas save is gone forever. Unless you buy one of these adapters which gives your PS3 the missing slot and lets you copy across your cards. After which you can bin them (and the adapter too for that matter) Your PS2 games will now find your saves on PS3 and work just like the old days. Provided that the game works on the PS3 of course...

4) Logitech Mediaboard Bluetooth keyboard

Sony are only including Bluetooth keyboard support in firmware version 1.6 - which goes live on launch day. That means that companies like Logitech (opens in new tab) , who are releasing their Mediaboard PS3 Bluetooth keyboard, are rushing these into stores as we speak. The build is good enough to be an official product and it's a real breakthrough, finally allowing PS3 owners the kind of sofa-based internet that we've been dreaming of for years. Suddenly checking your email or cruising wikipedia during ad breaks is an effortless reality. It's on sale for £50.

5) Casino Royale, Blu-ray version

Far be if from us to do movie reviews but this is actually a very important piece in the PS3 picture. Casino Royale is only the second movie to use the full, two-layer, 50Gb, version of Blu-ray and discs like this could single-handedly power the format to victory over the rival HD DVD.

Firstly it puts to bed any of the previous 'no extras' nightmares that have plagued all the 25Gb, single-layer Blu-ray releases to date. And it's a cracking film (in a stunning 1080p transfer) that appeals perfectly to the PS3 demographic (i.e. youngish blokes with far too much money). And thanks to Sony owning MGM, this movie will never be on HD DVD. NEVER.

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