Microsoft, Nvidia and Intel form PC Gaming Alliance

If you believe some games industry commentators, PC gaming has been ‘in crisis’ for years now, much to the annoyance of the millions of happy PC gamers out there who still like to consider themselves at the cutting edge of developments in gaming.

“The personal computer game industry has trailed behind its console brethren in recent years as easy-to-play games on the Nintendo Wii or online games on the Xbox 360 have stolen the excitement,” writes the well-respected Dean Takahashi in The Mercury News this week.

Gaming giants team up

Takahashi reports that the three PC gaming giants Microsoft, Nvidia and Intel are getting together to form a consortium, with a detailed announcement due to be made at next week's Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco.

Takahashi adds: "Part of the pitch is that the industry group will keep the PC competitive with game consoles to attract key game developers".

TechRadar spoke with Will Porter earlier today, editor on our sister publication PC Zone, who told us:

"In an age of relative console-frenzy, it's heartening to see some of the big boys planning a co-ordinated counter-attack. The PC market has a number of aces in its pocket - with stuff like World of Warcraft and Valve's increasingly almighty Steam distribution service - and its up to key players such as those involved in this Gaming Alliance to help further build on these strengths."

Adam Hartley