Finalists announced for the 2020 Australian PC Awards

Update: In light of the developing situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus and its effects on public gatherings, the organisers have decided to cancel the planned awards night on April 2nd. The Australian PC Awards is still underway online and all the winners will be announced here on April 3rd, and you can cast your for the Gold Award vote at the link below. 

Our original story continues below:

They're here: the editorial teams at TechRadar, APC, TechLife and PC Gamer have checked over a huge field of candidates from 2019 and narrowed down to a (reasonably) compact list of finalists – these are the products and companies our expects believe have what it takes to be winners.

There can only be one winner in each category, of course, and on the evening of Thursday, April 2 they will be revealed at a special awards event – with all those winners will be posted here the next morning.

Until then, we are thrilled to announce the finalists. Each product or company listed is exceptional – these are, without doubt, the very best PC products of 2019. We extend congratulations to each company behind the gear, and to the people that worked hard to produce such quality and innovation, with us PC lovers being the ultimate beneficiaries.

For the ultimate award – the prestigious Gold Award, there is no opinion more important than yours – so you decide! Cast your vote here for the company that impressed you the most in 2019. You could even win a nice prize for taking the time to do so!

Best motherboard maker finalists

Best premium motherboard finalists: Intel

Best premium motherboard finalists: AMD

Best budget motherboard finalists: Intel

Best budget motherboard finalists: AMD

Best budget card: Nvidia

Best budget card: AMD

Best performance card: Nvidia

Best performance card: AMD

Best budget CPU

Best performance CPU

Best internal storage maker

Best external storage maker

Best SOHO or home NAS

Best value laptop or 2-in-1

Best premium laptop or 2-in-1

Best gaming laptop

Best desktop PC builder

Best memory maker

Best cooling product

Best gaming monitor

Best productivity monitor

Best gaming keyboard

Best productivity keyboard

Best gaming mouse

Best productivity mouse

Best gaming headphones

Best PC case

Best router

Best enthusiast reseller

Best consumer reseller

Excellence Award

For the person, product or technology that advanced the PC more than any other in 2019.

For this very special Gold Award we turn to you to decide! Cast your vote here for the company that impressed you the most in 2019!