Eternals writers ‘would love to make’ a Disney Plus prequel show

The cast of Marvel's Eternals movie including Richard Madden, Salma Hayek and Gemma Chan
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The screenwriters behind Marvel’s Eternals have said they “would love to make” a Disney Plus prequel show if given the opportunity to do so.

Speaking to THR about their plans for future projects, writer duo Ryan and Kaz Firpo teased the possibility of a follow-up Eternals series, saying that “[they] think there are a lot of stories in the Eternals universe” worth exploring in more detail. 

They listed specific examples, too. “[We could] go back and do a Kingo episode in 1890s Mumbai where he is juggling his life as a movie star, dealing with Gandhi’s peaceful dissolution of the British empire in India,” the pair told THR. 

“And there’s an episode with Thena where she’s in Greece,” they added. “If the audiences allow us, there’s going to be a story to tell with Dane Whitman. There’s going to be a story to tell in the Cosmos with the Eternals confronting Arishem and all the Celestials who are these incredible metaphors for creation [...] There are a lot of opportunities.”

Some of the cast in Marvel's Eternals movie

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The latest arrival in Marvel’s Phase 4 slate of movies and TV shows, Eternals is set amid the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame and follows a race of immortal beings who must reunite on Earth to battle their oldest enemies, the Deviants.

Critical reception has been decidedly mixed so far. In our review, we described Eternals as “unlike any MCU movie we’ve seen so far” thanks to its ambitious scale and bold storytelling choices. 

Others weren’t as kind, though, with many criticizing the movie for its poor editing and thinly developed characters. In fact, by current Rotten Tomatoes metrics, Eternals is in fact the worst MCU movie to date – ranking even lower than the abysmal Thor: The Dark World. 

Is the Eternals universe perfect for Disney Plus?

But Ryan and Kaz Firpo’s ambitions to further develop the Eternals universe is testament to the density of the movie’s lore and complexity of its characters. 

It’s certainly one of the busiest Marvel movies ever made – introducing a record 10 new superheroes in a single feature – so it makes sense that its screenwriters would wish to dig a little deeper into the story and motivations of these new faces.

Disney Plus provides the perfect platform to do just that, too. Whether through Marvel spin-off shows like Loki and Hawkeye or Star Wars stories like The Mandalorian or The Book of Boba Fett, Disney has proven a willingness to spin further narrative threads around its most successful properties – and Eternals could benefit from that same approach. 

Its screenwriters share that sentiment, too. “With Disney Plus, there are so many opportunities to tell these stories and so many different formats,” the brothers told THR. “It’s a really exciting time to explore new frontiers in narrative.”

There's every chance we could see an Eternals spin-off series in the near future, then.

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