Epic Games’ latest free weekly game isn’t a game at all

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Epic Games has revealed next week’s free PC game, but there’s a twist. This time around, it won’t be a free game, but instead DLC for the free-to-play third-person tactical action shooter, Rogue Company.

The Rogue Company Epic Pack DLC includes the characters Switchblade and Scorch, 20,000 battle pass XP, and Switchblade’s Inferno Imp outfit. It’ll be available on the Epic Games Store promotional page starting November 11 at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT.

The DLC pack will be free to “purchase” for one week, and will stay in your library like any other paid games or content. Currently, the free game of this week is DARQ: Complete Edition, with today being the last day to redeem the title.

Analysis: Why free DLC?

One of the main reasons the Epic Games Store gives out games for free, other than promoting the storefront, is to promote a wide variety of indie developers and games. However, free-to-play titles wouldn’t normally benefit from this type of sale.

That’s why offering free DLC is a solid alternative for these games, as it offers an incentive for players to download the free game. And once they’re hooked on the free game, they’re far more likely to purchase any future DLC.

This isn’t the first time Epic Games offered DLC as an incentive. Back in April around a hundred dollars’ worth of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms in-game content, the Epic Champions of Renown pack, was given out through the same promotional offer.

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