EE has launched Full Works plans for iPhone, giving you endless Apple entertainment

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If you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem then EE has a new range of plans that are likely to appeal. Dubbed the Full Works, these plans can be bought with an iPhone and include three additional benefits of your choice, from a selection that includes Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and Apple Arcade.

BT Sport Ultimate and EE’s Roam Further service (which lets you use your allowances at no extra cost in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand) are also available as optional benefits, if you don’t want everything Apple.

Head straight to EE to see the new Full Works iPhone plans

EE’s Full Works for iPhone deals also all come with unlimited data, plus the ability to upgrade anytime, and they’re 5G ready, so if the iPhone 12 supports 5G as it’s expected to then it will be a great candidate for the plan – though you could always get a different iPhone now and then upgrade to the iPhone 12 when it lands.

Indeed, a number of different iPhone models are available with the Full Works plan, and EE has also launched a cheaper Smart iPhone Plan, which lets you choose one (rather than three) of the above benefits.

In all cases the benefits last for the duration of the plan, which adds up to quite a lot of value. In fact, if you pick Apple Music, Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade on a Full Works plan, then over the 24-month life of the contract those extras are worth £479.28.

Of course these extras don’t come totally free, as paired with, say, an iPhone 11 Pro, you’ll be paying £77 per month (plus £30 upfront) for the Full Works plan, but the price can drop a lot with cheaper models, or by opting for a Smart iPhone Plan instead, and it’s still going to be a big saving over getting all of the included things separately.

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