Dyson's first Aussie Demo store includes an interactive dog bed experience

Woman using Dyson Airwrap hair styler
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Want to find out how healthy your hair is? Or maybe you'd like to discover all the different types of nasties that could be hiding in your home? You can do it all at the new Dyson Demo store that's just opened its gates for business on George Street in Sydney's CBD, just at the entrance to Wynyard station.

This is Dyson's first Australian Demo store and boasts a couple of other achievements for the popular brand: it's the largest Dyson retail space in the entire Asia-Pacific region and also houses the biggest digital screens inside any Dyson store in the world.

The opening of this Dyson Demo store shows a commitment to the company's ongoing push to sell goods directly to consumers. "Together with Dyson’s direct online store, the new space in Sydney forms a part of our growing ambitions in direct-to-consumer retail, providing consumers with opportunities to discover the Dyson technology through both the virtual and physical world," Dyson CEO Roland Krueger said.

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There's a Demo store in the Sydney suburb Castle Hill but, according to Dyson, that serves more as a service centre "prioritising servicing and maintenance needs of owners". So the claim that the George Street location is "Australia's first" is based on the fact that you'll get the full suite of Dyson's hair science and healthy-home experiences at the new store.

A lot of these experiences are interactive, with Dyson experts on hand to take you through everything... including getting your hair washed and styled.

Inside the Dyson Demo store in Sydney

(Image credit: Dyson)

Get down and dirty with Dyson

Dyson is calling its new store a "playground of technology", with the space divvied up into demonstration zones and interactive displays. For example, you can watch a "wall of debris" thrown on the floor and then sucked up to demonstrate how powerful the company's cordless vacuum cleaners are – something we can vouch for considering the Dyson V15 Detect leads our list of the best vacuum cleaners in Australia.

Or you can discover more about pollution and how important air quality within your home is, while the Beauty Lab can help you assess your hair health and how best to maintain it (and, as we mentioned earlier, get it all dressed up too).

Here's a list of some of the things you can do at the new Dyson Demo store in Sydney's CBD:

  • Make an appointment to get your hair done – there are three styling stations in-store
  • Get your hair health analysed – hair can be magnified by 200x to examine cuticles
  • Healthy Home zone uses RFID technology and augmented reality to uncover indoor pollutants
  • A dog bed, although we doubt you can actually BOYD (bring your own dog)

Dyson is giving its customers another incentive to head in-store by offering "access to exclusive technologies" and limited-edition colourways of its various products. You can even have items gift-wrapped and personalised. 

So, if you're in Sydney, head to the Dyson Demo store at 285 George Street and get down and dirty with Dyson.

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