Dolby Cinema is heading to the UK - next-gen projection heading to the big screen

Dolby Cinema is heading to the UK in a big way, bringing with it some next-gen projection technology and contrast ratios that Dolby is hoping will impress even the most critical of eyes. 

The UK has been waiting a long time for this technology to hit its shores. Ever since the first cinema opened in 2015, there has been hope that an announcement was imminent. Skip to today and the technology is coming but we still don't know which towns will get it, only that "seven Dolby Cinema sites [will] open nationwide over the next several years" and it is coming, thanks to a partnership with Odeon. 

“Our partnership with Odeon marks a significant milestone as we strive to extend spectacular Dolby experiences to movie-goers in the UK and around the world,” explained Doug Darrow, Senior Vice President, Cinema Business Group, Dolby Laboratories about the launch. 

“Dolby’s long-term commitment is to support the cinema industry through quality and innovation around the globe.”

Just what is Dolby Cinema?

Dolby Cinema heading to the UK means that consumers will now have en more choice when it comes to quality big-screen entertainment. Its features put it up against IMAX, in terms of the cinema experience, thanks to its Dolby Vision laser projection system. 

In Dolby's words, this system "uses state-of-the-art optics and image processing, delivers high dynamic range with enhanced colour technology and a contrast ratio that far exceeds that of any other image technology on the market today."

Dolby Cinema essentially mashes together two big Dolby features: Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, creating what it believes is the ultimate cinema experience. 

Alongside this, Dolby wants the whole thing to feel premium so the lucky cinema's that house Dolby Cinema will also have "luxury recliner seats, new Oscar’s bars, and innovative food and beverage counters."

All this will come at a premium but Dolby hasn't revealed what the price of a ticket will be. 

Marc Chacksfield

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