Disney Plus gets a little more of The Simpsons this weekend

(Image credit: Disney)

A new short film from The Simpsons universe is coming to Disney Plus on Friday April 10. Playdate with Destiny, which stars Maggie Simpson in an animation-led, dialogue-free story, originally served as an introduction to Pixar's Onward back when you could watch movies in the theater.

The best part is, unlike the release of Onward or Frozen 2, where some viewers outside the US missed out because Disney Plus has significant regional differences, everyone seems to be getting Playdate at the Destiny at the same time. UK viewers can watch it tomorrow, too, even if the UK release date of Onward itself remains elusive. 

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening marked the release with a note posted to social media, which you can read below: 

You should be able to stream Playdate with Destiny, which is directed by long-time Simpsons animation maestro David Silverman, from midnight PT / 8AM GMT on April 10. Expect something Rugrats-y. 

When will we see more Simpsons on Disney Plus?

We'll absolutely see more of The Simpsons on Disney Plus in the future. Right now, in the US, the show is airing its 31st season on Fox. That's certain to join the other 30 seasons on Disney Plus once it's over.

That should apply to any future seasons, too, although The Simpsons has only been renewed until the end of season 31 right now. In May, Disney will finally restore the correct aspect ratio for older episodes of the show. 

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