Nest teases a big announcement for June 17

Smart home innovator Nest has sent invitations for a press conference in San Francisco, California on June 17.

The smart thermostat maker was purchased by Google in 2014 for some $3.2 billion, and was co-founded by former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, one of the "fathers of the iPod." The company became known to the world because of its smart home tech, most notably the Learning Thermostat, which picks up users' patterns and adjusts room temperature to their liking.

The invitation itself is just about as vague as it gets, asking that recipients "Please join us for a Nest press conference," which starts at 10 am PT (6pm GMT) on June 17. What Nest is planning to announce is anyone's guess.

Speculation points to something related to Project Brillo, Google's new Internet of Things, or IoT, initiative it announced at Google IO 2015. Brillo will be a part of the upcoming Android M operating system, and Nest will most likely be tied in with Brillo in some form or fashion.

Rumours have also indicated that Nest wants to move into audio equipment with Nest Audio, reportedly posting job listings for the division in March. However, given how recent that report was, it's doubtful it would be anywhere near release already.

Until June 17, all we can go off of is speculation. We could see a new Nest product for the home, or simply a clarification of the company's role with Google now that Brillo is set to tidy up the search firm's smart home plans.

Via Mashable