Google delays release of Nexus Q to add improvements

Google Nexus Q
The curious Q needs time for improvement

Google announced Tuesday it has delayed the July release of the Nexus Q to allow more time to implement improvements in the media streaming device.

In an email to pre-order customers titled "Status of your Nexus Q pre-order," Google informed them that while the device was met with enthusiasm by Google IO 2012 previewers, initial feedback is that they "want Nexus Q to do even more than it does today."

"In response, we have decided to postpone the consumer launch of Nexus Q while we work on making it even better," the email said.

Google did not specify what changes it will be making to the device.

The decision to stop the launch is being viewed by some as a positive development as it allows Google's first independently engineered and manufactured hardware time to function the way consumers, like the previewers, expect it to.

Not to turn away its early supporters, the email also said Google is giving each pre-order customer a free Q.

"Thank you for your early interest," the email said. "We'd like to extend the Nexus Q preview to consumers who pre-ordered and send you a free device."

These Q's will be on their way soon.

Sudden sell out, 2.5 star review

The Nexus Q sold out of its initial stock in a matter of 24 hours just a few days ago, TechRadar reported last week.

The Google Play store gave customers a shipping time of three to five days July 25 but quickly changed the delivery time to between two to three weeks.

TechRadar reviewed the Nexus Q earlier this month and while we were impressed by its looks and overall simplicity, we weren't wowed by its performance.

As reviewer William O'Neal pointed out, YouTube videos "looked like, well, YouTube videos" and other features left much to be desired.

And, with a price tag just shy of $300, O'Neal pointed out there are other devices on the market that do what you'd expect the Q to do for much less money.

Hopefully this delay, which Google hasn't given an end date for, will only improve the Q.

Via Engadget and Wired

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