Did Apple just accidentally leak the macOS Catalina release date of October 4?

macOS Catalina
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We’ve been waiting for news of the official macOS Catalina launch date, and it now appears that Apple has accidently announced it on its Danish website, with macOS Catalina apparently launching on October 4.

Spotted by MacRumors, the Danish macOS Catalina website stated that Apple Arcade would be available on the macOS Catalina app store on October 4.

"Exceptional gameplay. Find it in the App Store from October 4," is what the original website stated – though references to October 4 have since been removed.

This could mean that Apple noticed the slip up and swiftly removed it. Or it might have been an error, and October 4 won’t be the macOS Catalina release date. However, if true, it means we only have a week to wait until the official version of macOS Catalina is released.

(Image credit: Apple)

macOS Catalina release date – will it be October 4?

So, how likely is it that the macOS Catalina release date will be October 4? Its brief appearance on an official Apple website is pretty compelling evidence.

It also fits in with the fact that Apple has only stated that the macOS Catalina release date will be in October.

However, as MacRumors points out, Apple usually releases its macOS updates on either a Monday or a Tuesday, so releasing macOS Catalina on October 4 – which is a Friday – would be a bit out of character.

The website suggests that macOS Catalina could be released earlier in the week, with Apple Arcade launching on macOS Catalina later on the 4th.

Hopefully we won’t have too long to find out.

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