Cyberpunk 2077 free DLC will drop early in 2021 packing some ‘cool stuff’

Cyberpunk 2077
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Cyberpunk 2077 players will be getting some free downloadable content (DLC) early in 2021.

This revelation was made in the latest official trailer for the open world RPG, which is officially unleashed tomorrow – and has already made a positive impression on us as you can see in our review.

As IGN spotted, the new trailer from CD Projekt Red flashes up a stealthily concealed message in a single frame just as viewers are prompted to pre-order Cyberpunk 2077.

If you pause at the right time, the easter egg is revealed, with CD Projekt Red promising that: “We’ll first be kicking off our free DLC program in early 2021. Just like with The Witcher 3, expect an assortment of free DLC packs to begin hitting Night City, dropping a bunch of cool stuff that’ll inject even more life into the world of the dark future.”

Expansion city

The text also mentions that expansions are coming for Cyberpunk 2077 – no great surprise there – but the developer assures us that these follow-ups will feature “substantial, story-driven content that’ll give you tough choices to make through impactful narratives that you won’t soon forget”.

Of course, that’s only so much hype at this point, but the arrival of free DLC at the start of next year is certainly a welcome prospect.

Earlier today, we’ve already seen how Nvidia graphics card owners can expect Cyberpunk 2077 to run, and it turns out that if you’re the ambitious type who wants to run at 4K with max details, that’s a strain for even the mighty RTX 3090.

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