Crucial to end support of its popular Ballistix RAM products

Crucial Ballistix RAM in a motherboard
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Micron made a surprise announcement today via press release, stating that it will end production of its Ballistix RAM products from its Crucial brand, which targeted the gamer and enthusiast segment.

According to the statement, Micron will “continue to support the performance compute and gaming communities” through its many SSD products, as well as “focus on the development of Micron’s DDR5 client and server product roadmap.”

Micron Vice President and General Manager Teresa Kelley released a statement as well, which confirmed the earlier release’s explanation of the company moving to focus more on its NVMe and Portable SSD product categories.

Additionally, Kelly added: “Crucial JEDEC standard DDR5 memory provides mainstream gamers with DDR5-enabled computers with better high-speed performance, data transfers and bandwidth than previously available with Crucial Ballistix memory."

Though no reason was specified for why production on the Ballistix RAM products is ending, it might have to do with factors such as the ongoing DRAM and NAND shortages that the company previously warned of.

This move will most likely be to the market’s detriment, as Micron was one of the few DRAM manufacturers offering high-end RAM modules. There currently aren’t any large manufacturers that are ready to move in to fill in the gap.

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