Corsair unveils two new concept PCs and a handful of new tech

Following the flurry of announcements that we saw from AMD, PC accessories maker Corsair announced a couple of decent concept PCs along with some new technologies. Known as the Concept Curve and Concept Slate, Corsair reimagines some of its popular PCs with a unique new touch.

Concept Curve

The Concept Curve features a carbon fiber handcrafted body with tempered glass surrounding it for increased durability. This concept is based off the Corsair Graphite 780T and features an impressive curved design, almost reminiscent of a sports car. Thanks to the almost transparent body, users can have a good look inside the CPU which houses the liquid cooling system. 

Concept Slate

This PC comes with two water-cooled systems under the hood, and ample fan speed to keep the heat to a minimum. The Concept Slate is built with performance in mind. This is what a dream super-tower PC would look like, featuring the best hardware that you can imagine. There’s state-of-the-art RGB lighting control built into the system. The Slate comes with a monolithic frame, which adds to the appeal of the PC.

Liquid Cooling

The company unveiled the new RGB Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers which offer enhanced performance and bolstered appearance. It offers magnetic levitation fans and a pump which is quieter and more efficient. The system also comes with 360 degrees RGB lighting. The company also unveiled its own custom liquid cooling water blocks, radiators as well as fittings. This is capable of cooling the CPUs of both the Concept Curve and Slate. Needless to say, the new fittings are the best in the business and come with Corsair’s promise of performance and quality.


Using this handy feature, the user can coordinate RGB lighting between RGB case fans, Hydro Series CPU coolers, light strips, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, headsets as well as a handful of motherboards. This will allow users to offer a streamlined look to their PC by synchronizing the lighting of all components.