Glasses-free 3D LG DX2500 monitor announced

Glasses-free 3D LG DX2500 monitor announced
3D without the specs

LG has announced the arrival of a glasses-free 3D monitor for the Korean market – the LG DX2500.

The 25-inch monitor uses parallax barrier 3D technology, which is the same tech that's being utilised for the Nintendo 3DS, and has been given TÜV Rheinland certification – a first for a monitor.

To make sure the technology works the best it possibly can, LG is taking a leaf out of Toshiba's book and has added some head-tracking technology into the DX2500.

This means that no matter what angle you are viewing the monitor at, the 3D will adapt to suit your eye level.

Head tracking

To track head movement, a camera has been embedded in the monitor which tracks movement in real time. Alongside this you also get 2D-to-3D conversion.

Speaking about the glasses-free monitor, Si-hwan Park, Vice President of the Monitor Division at LG's Home Entertainment Company, said: "LG is taking glasses-free 3D monitors mainstream with the DX2500.

"With the DX2500, we are making the LG brand synonymous with glasses-free 3Dmonitors. In 2012, we'll continue to expand our range of glasses-free 3D monitorsfeaturing different designs and advanced functions."

The LG DX2500 UK release date will be 'some time in 2012' but the monitor is out now in Korea and currently costs 1.3 million Won (£733).

UPDATE: LG has now told us the monitor won't be coming to the UK - so British bods will have to wait for other 3D offerings to satisfy their extra-dimensional urges.

Via Gizmodo, LG

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