iOS 10 second public beta is out now

iOS 10 beta

Apple's iOS 10 update won't launch until the fall, but that doesn't mean you can't try it out now. Today, Apple released its second public beta for iOS 10, which lets anyone sample its latest and greatest mobile operating system.

On the surface, iOS 10 looks and feels just like iOS 9, but there are a lot of subtle tweaks under the hood. Notifications get a huge revamp, showing users more important info at a glance and bringing support for 3D Touch.

iOS 10 also changes how users unlock their phones. The "Slide to unlock" prompt is gone, replaced by a simple "Press Home to open" for iPhones that support Touch ID. iPhones will also wake up automatically when you pick them up from a resting position, allowing you to view your notifications without unlocking your device. The device will also vibrate when locked, giving users a little haptic feedback.

We've already come up with our iOS 10 first impressions, and you can find out how to download iOS 10 public beta right now if you want to take it for a spin yourself.

Macs gets some love, too

macOS Sierra is also receiving its second public beta today, coming just two weeks after the release of the first one. Apple's desktop operating system is getting a huge revamp this fall with the addition of Siri and a much improved Photos app. iPhone users will also be able to view their phone's notifications on their Macs and share a clipboard between devices.

macOS Sierra

Apple Watch owners will be able to unlock their Macs when they're in range, making it easier to avoid typing your password. Speaking of passwords, Apple Pay is coming to Safari so you can pay for things instantly using Apple's mobile payment system.

If you want to try macOS before it's officially released in the fall, follow our how to download macOS Sierra public beta guide.

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