LG launches flicker-free Cinema 3D monitors

LG's new 3D monitors: this lady's a fan
LG's new 3D monitors: this lady's a fan

LG has unveiled a range of 3D monitors which it claims offer flicker-free 3D performance.

The two Cinema 3D monitors, the D41P and D42P, come with LG's new Film Pattterned Retarder (FPR) technology, which sounds mildly offensive but is in fact meant to give a brighter, clearer, flicker-free 3D picture by lowering crosstalk.

The 'Flicker-Free' certification is something LG has also bestowed upon its own Cinema 3D TV range, which, it says, banishes dizziness and nausea from the 3D realm.

So if you like your 3D computing experience sans dizziness and nausea, you're in luck.

Life's good in 3D

Supporting all graphics cards and "popular home PC operating systems", the monitors also offer HDMI 1.4, 2D to 3D conversion and come in a range of sizes, with screen sizes from 21.5-inch to 25-inches.

LG's vice president of Monitors, Si-hwan Park, reckons these new monitors solve all the main 3D problems:

"Although 3D is one of the hottest items in technology today, some consumers are holding back from purchasing 3D products because of concerns over performance and price.

"With Cinema 3D Monitors, we've addressed all these concerns. The advanced picture quality, more comfortable glasses and competitive pricing makes it very hard to keep putting off 3D."

So basically, LG says there's no excuse not to get one.

You will still need glasses for the new monitors, however, and there's no word yet on that 'competitive' UK pricing for the new monitors which are rolling out to Europe in June.

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