6 of the best budget monitors for your Mac

On paper, the Asus and BenQ models are two of the better displays on offer, but in our tests they are more workmanlike than wonderful.

The LG performs better, but it is the most expensive monitor in our tests, and if you make regular use of your display's control buttons (as opposed to setting it up once and then forgetting they exist), the touch-sensitive power button will drive you insane as you constantly switch it off by mistake.

The Hanns G Hi221DP is a bargain; it's a solid performer and good looking too.

LG flatron w2284f


The NEC's 19-inch screen and 4:3 aspect ratio make it a poor choice for a primary monitor, but an excellent choice for a second display if you favour the two-screen setup.

Finally, the Samsung offers excellent value for money. You need a separate speaker setup, but given the audio quality of the displays that offer integrated speakers, that's not such a bad idea whichever model you go for.

Test 6 results

Monitor prices

At the time of writing the monitor prices were as follows:

Asus VH222H: £149
BenQ E2200HD: £152
Hanns G Hi221DP: £109
LG Flatron W2284F: £179
NEC MultiSync LCD195VXM+: £149
Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW: £140