Comcast is giving away a free 4K HDR streaming player to cord-cutters

(Image credit: Comcast)
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Comcast is trying to repair its reputation with cord-cutters and cord-nevers by offering a free Infinity Flex 4K HDR streaming box to its internet-only subscribers. 

While the offer is brand-new as of this week, the box itself was announced back in March and originally cost subscribers $5 per month. Thankfully, Comcast has decided to cut the monthly cost in a play to get boxes in more subscribers’ households. 

Why is Comcast, a company that’s notorious for its hardware rental fees, giving something away for free? In a press release the company says that handing consumers the streaming box will make it easier for them to upgrade to the upcoming Xfinity TV streaming service that’s purported to launch next year.

It doesn't hurt that Comcast is also hedging its bets on its service by eliminating the competition on the Flex – the box doesn't support Sling TV, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, or Hulu with Live TV, so Comcast's service will be your only option should you ever decide you want a cable streaming service. 

What if you have more than one TV in the house that requires a streaming box? Comcast will lease you a second box for $5 per month … which is kind of ridiculous when you consider that the one-time cost of an Amazon Fire TV Stick is $39.99. 

So yeah, it's still Comcast. 

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