Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Fold tipped for July unveiling - but is it just recycled tech?

Samsung Galaxy Fold
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Rumor has it a cheaper Samsung Galaxy Fold is on its way to consumers, and the latest leaks reveal Samsung may announce it in July to release before the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

The details come courtesy of noted leaker Max Weinbach, who had supplied the initial rumor of a $1,100 (roughly £890 / AU$1,690) Samsung foldable, called the ‘Galaxy Fold e.’ The follow-up info he tweeted out has predicted a different name – the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite – and revealed a few more potential details.

First and biggest: it may be powered by a Snapdragon 865 chipset, but won’t support 5G. That’s a big change from the original Galaxy Fold and, well, any phone packing the 865, which has a built-in 5G modem. While Weinbach is less confident about the Galaxy Fold Lite’s chipset, other details included 256GB of storage, international availability, and a smaller external display that looks more like the outside screen on the Galaxy Z Flip.

He also noted that the internal display won’t have the ultra-thin glass in the Galaxy Z Flip; instead, if likely has the same flexible plastic as on the Galaxy Fold, which was reportedly less durable and more prone to damage. Per these details, the Galaxy Fold Lite will have an aluminum frame and glass on the outside, however – and will be built from 'a mix of 2018/19/20 parts,' presumably from Galaxy Fold models of those years.

Are the cheap Folds just refurbished original Galaxy Folds?

Another current rumor supports the Galaxy Fold Lite inheriting a bunch of the original Galaxy Fold’s design. Releasing a cheaper version will help clear inventory of the Galaxy Fold 1 before the launch of the refined Galaxy Fold 2, tweeted out Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young.

He claims it will be called ‘Galaxy Fold Special Edition’ instead of ‘Galaxy Fold Lite’ – and it’ll be announced in July.

The only difference between the original and the cheaper Galaxy Fold Special just the lower price, Young stated in a tweet reply. We’ll have to wait for more info before we see which leak wins out.

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