Forget smartphones, Visa wants your car to pay for fuel

Honda Visa car pay

Next time you stop for some fuel or need to pay for parking, Visa wants you to let your car handle the bill.

Partnering up with Honda and ParkWhiz, Visa is showing off its in-car Visa Checkout feature at MWC 2016, which will let you pay for parking and fuel with "one click".

The system uses integrated apps on Honda's head unit, with the fuel app able to detect when the car is low on fuel, navigate it to the nearest gas station, fill up on the required gas and then pay the final cost. It can be used to buy anything you might need from the gas station, like candy, Red Bull, etc, and integrate any loyalty or rewards program.

The parking app will let you simply park, and click to start a meter in ParkWhiz off-street parking spots. Once you come back to the car, you can click on the app again, which will calculate how much you owe for the exact time you were parked and confirm the transaction.

Visa says this will ensure you don't over or under pay for the time you parked, or end up with a fine for an expired meter.

While the demonstrations during MWC is currently in the prototype stages, Visa says this is just touching on the potential for in-car payments.

Last year, Visa also demonstrated in-car payment systems for drive-through restaurants. And this year, along with demonstrating car-payments for fuel and parking, the company has also announced it will be expanding its Visa Ready program with NFC-enabled payments to wearables like Pebble, Chronos and others.