Ford shows off V2V communication technology

Ford V2V
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication to increase road safety

In addition to the Asia-Pacific expansion of AppLink, Ford yesterday announced that its experimental vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications technology would be on display in downtown Taipei. And TechRadar had the chance to see it in action.

Sitting in the back of one of two specially-equipped Kugas, Ford showed us how the technology can be used to prevent collisions.

Using a Wi-Fi based radio system the cars are able to communicate with one another and alert their drivers to potential dangers they can't yet see.

Hide and SYNC

The technology can detect speed, position and other vehicle data relating to cars that are hidden from the driver's view and determine if there's a risk of a collision along the car's predicted path.

V2V is still in development, but the demonstration we saw showed the system detect the other Kuga before anyone in the car could see it and alert the driver via an alarm and a flashing red light on the dash's screen.

V2V also builds on existing radar technology that warns of cars in your blind spot by detecting fast-moving vehicles before they present a danger.

Perhaps the days of attempting to merge and being abused by an inconsiderate revhead will soon be behind us.