Chevrolet Bolt: Australian designed EV concept unveiled

Chevrolet Bolt
Australian designed, world approved?

In the market for an electric car but don't have the funds to pick up the Renovo Coupe? Perhaps the Chevrolet Bolt will fit within your budget once it enters production.

The five-door EV concept, which was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show, was constructed at GM Australia's design studio in Port Melbourne and has been described by GM CEO Mary Barra as a "game changer."

Made from lightweight materials like magnesium, carbon fibre and mesh, GM hopes to bring the Bolt to production with a US price of US$30,000 and a range of over 320km.

That old self parking trick...

The concept model can be unlocked and started using your smartphone as a key, and – similar to recent announcements from BMW and Mercedes – the Bolt can navigate a carpark and park itself while you get stuck into the shopping.

It can then be summoned to pick you up via an app that also doubles as a ride-sharing hub – processing reservations, payments, and tracking the vehicle's location.

While it's currently only a concept, don't be surprised if we soon see Bolts on Australian roads with Holden badges attached.

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