This Xbox Series X PC theme is perfect for those waiting for release - here's how to get it

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is offering PC users a free 4K Xbox Series X wallpaper pack ahead of the next-gen console's release later this year.

This free wallpaper pack is a theme for your desktop that features 16 premium 4K images of the Xbox Series X. The theme cycles through each of the images, pausing on each for a select amount of time, before showing you another beautiful promo shot.

It's worth noting that this theme is only available to those with a Windows PC - sorry, Mac users.

How to claim your free Xbox Series X wallpaper pack

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Here's what to do to claim your free wallpaper pack:

  • Go to the wallpaper pack's listing here
  • Select 'Get' on the right hand side of the screen
  • You should get a prompt asking for your Microsoft Store app to open
  • Sign into Microsoft Store if you aren't already
  • The Microsoft Store should automatically go to the listing, select 'Get' again
  • Your wallpaper pack should download

And here's how to apply it:

  • Go to your PC 'Settings' and select 'Personsalization'
  • Select 'Themes'
  • Under 'Change Theme' your new Xbox Series X wallpaper pack should appear
  • Simply click on the 'Xbox Series X' theme and voilà!

Once you've applied the theme you can customize how long each image is held for, how it fits to the screen and if the images are shuffled or not - just go to 'Bakground' under 'Personalization' setting.

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