Canon EOS M50 Mark II could launch with IBIS and other video treats

Canon EOS M50 Mark II
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With the Canon EOS R5 and its full-frame RF system dominating the headlines recently, fans of the smaller EOS M system may have been left wondering if it still has a future. Luckily, new rumors about a Canon EOS M50 Mark II suggest it certainly does and that it's a pretty exciting one too.

Rumors about a Canon EOS M50 Mark II, which would be a successor to the extremely popular Canon EOS M50, started back in November 2019. And now Canon Rumors, which has proven to be a reliable source of news about the camera giant, says a source has revealed that "Canon will likely be bringing IBIS to a camera or two in the EOS M lineup".

The source apparently didn't say which model would be getting in-body image stabilization (IBIS), but it looks like the Canon EOS M50 Mark II is the most likely, along with a rumored flagship EOS M body.

Earlier rumors suggested the EOS M50 Mark II was slated to launch in September 2020, so the mid-range mirrorless camera might not be far off – although it's certainly possible that the global pandemic has pushed that release back a bit.

The inclusion of IBIS on a Canon EOS M50 successor would be a big deal for vloggers and those looking for a small, mirrorless all-rounder. The EOS R5 is the first Canon camera to have sensor-based stabilization, with the camera company previously adamant that lens-based stabilization was a superior approach.

But if Canon does indeed squeeze IBIS into its smaller EOS M cameras, they could become even more popular alternatives to the Sony A6000 series and travel cameras like the Fujifilm X-T30. In-body stabilization is helpful for both keeping handheld videos steady and also improving photo quality in lower light, because you're able to shoot with slower shutter speeds at lower ISOs. 

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

(Image credit: Canon)

Bottlenecks begone

The likely inclusion of IBIS in the rumored Canon EOS M50 Mark II was the only fresh bit of speculation from Canon Rumors, but it marries up nicely to some earlier whispers about the camera's possible specs.

One of our main frustrations with the current EOS M50 is its video limitations, with 4K video incurring a big crop that makes it difficult to vlog handheld. This mode also loses out on Canon's excellent Dual Pixel AF, which means autofocus is disappointing if you want to shoot in 4K.

We're hopeful that future EOS M cameras like the EOS M50 Mark II will have a version of Canon's new Digic X processor, which could unleash their video powers and do away with crops and limited autofocus in 4K. Canon has said that Digic X is a new family of processors that will be tailored for different camera models, so this could mean they won't just be restricted to full-frame cameras like the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6.

With earlier rumors suggesting the EOS M50 Mark II could have the same 32.5MP APS-C CMOS sensor as the Canon EOS M6 Mark II and the ability to shoot 4K/30p and 1080/120p, it could well be a sweet spot camera for those who can't stretch to the likes of the Canon EOS R6. Right now, this is all just speculation, but we'll report back with any official news as soon as we get it.

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