Canon adds three new Ixus models

Canon has today announced the addition of three new compact digital cameras to its IXUS range: the 85 IS, 90 IS and 970 IS.

The Ixus 85 IS and 90 IS are essentially the same camera housed in differently styled bodies. Whereas the 85 IS is housed in a softer and rounder case with prominent controls, the 90 IS is housed in a more chiselled, angular case with a flat control panel.

The only other main difference, apart from price, is that the 90 IS sports a three-inch LCD screen whereas the 85 IS screen measures 2.5-inches. The 85 IS also gets an optical viewfinder.

Other than that, both models feature a 10-megapixel (MP) sensor and employ a DIGIC III image processor with Noise Reduction Technology. Canon’s proprietary lens-shift Image Stabilization (IS) is also standard to both models, as is Face Detection, Motion Detection, High ISO Auto and the ability to shoot VGA 30fps video.

Ixus 970 IS

Sitting slightly higher up the food chain is the new Ixus 970 IS. This new 10MP model is the first in the range to sport a 5x zoom lens (37-185mm 35mm equivalent) which is balanced with an enhanced version of Canon’s Image Stabilization technology.

Other specs and features are much the same as the 85 IS and 90 IS. The 970 IS gets a 2.5-inch LCD.

All cameras will be available from April. Prices are: £230 for the 85 IS, £240 for the 90 IS and £300 for the 970 IS.