iPhone SE 2022: Here’s how to save a load of money on useful accessories

iPhone SE 3
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Buying a new smartphone can be expensive, especially one from Apple like the new iPhone SE 2022 - not because the base cost is high, but because you end up buying loads of extras like a case, portable charger and headphones.

Well, if you're checking out the iPhone SE 3 deals then you can actually save a lot of money, at least if you're upgrading from the iPhone SE 2, iPhone 7 or iPhone 8.

That's because the new iPhone has the same build as its predecessor, which in turn was based on a design Apple used years prior for some main-series iPhones.

These devices are all the same size, with an unmoved camera bump and Lightning Port, and with the same display too.

As a result, most iPhone 8 cases will fit the new iPhone SE, so even if you're changing phones you can stick with your trusty protector.

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You can see this on Apple's website, for example with this iPhone SE Silicone Case. In the Compatibility section, the second- and third-generation iPhone SE models are listed as well as the seventh- and eight-generation iPhones.

We've got a list of the best iPhone SE cases here, for if you're interested in a brand-new case, but if you're upgrading from one of those other devices, it would be smart to search for iPhone 7 cases to save from the ‘new phone’ tax that some retailers place on new products.

Other accessories are cross-compatible too including wallet folios, wired and wireless chargers and headphones, so if you are coming from one of those aforementioned devices, you could save a bit of money on the usual upgrades.

Of course, if you have any other iPhone or an Android device, you're out of luck. But this is a useful bonus for certain Apple users, not an expected measure in the smartphone world, so that's not the end of the world.

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